Monday, 23 March 2015

Race DAY!!!

My hubby hates race days... Normally this would mean I would jump out of bed insanely early to get ready. I would be pumped!!!! Aaaaa!!! And then I would drag him out of the house way too early he would complain and he will need to take before and after picture with my shiny new medal, and seconds later giving me a Sneakers to swallow whole since I would be starving!
When we moved away from Cardiff I think I only did two races in total and due to circumstances Stephen missed them both.

This time the logistics was more complicated, some one must watch little man. We were actually planning to do this race together. The only time we were meant to run together I fell down the stairs a day before my leg and hopping around for next few days. But we are still have Cardiff 10K coming up.

We have great friends who love little Edgar and happily volunteers to baby sit. Big big thank you Dickie and Karly for your help!! So my race day was happening. I only singed up for the race on Monday so it was a bit of a spare of the moment kind of thing.

Speaking of Egg he was a real trooper slept well and woke up just after 6.30am... this makes for a lovely lay in. Mama's life! But I have jumped out pumped as usual!!

The race it self was rather small. Well last two I did were massive Bupa Half and Survival of the Fittest. So little 5k race with over barely 300 people was refreshing and super nice. The route was excellent, road mainly. Marshalls all the way around with lots of ambulance chaps because quiet few runners have actually suffered a stroke before and you can never be too careful. The warm up was fun, made by dudes from Nike running club I believe, and actually needed despite all the sunshine we had in the afternoon it was still cold in the morning.
One extra thing I was well impressed is the finish line and a goodie runnie bag. You get a banana after the race! Healthy! And amazing! So people were handing out water bottles, medals, nanas and bags.

One gets all kind of things in these bags... Toothpaste, cereals, dvd... this time is was so cute!
Small water bottle little cuddly bunny... and pot noodles... Well I suppose you get sponsors where you can.

I felt amazing doing it. Mind free... However it was a bit too old and I was not prepared for that and I just got too excited and started but too fast... Was too scared to fall behind! Despite all these reasons I did this 1st race in over a year and 7 months after having a baby in very respectable 29 minutes. 
After I had shower we went for lobster and some wine to celebrate the race day!! 

P.S. on closer inspection the little bunny is from Persil. Definitely more pleasant than a washing powder sample.

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