Monday, 30 September 2013

Spanish Sunshine

Oh how much my other half hated the hot weather... And how much I loved the salty sea.... 

Great holidays we had. It is always different when you are going away with family. Bit tricky at times to be honest, but good times been had!

We sunbathed, read books, drunk and eat some amazing Spanish produce. Wish I could bring home a these legs of delish ham... Hmmm.... Ham.... And Spanish wine!! 

I was actually very good and did go for a run twice. Beautiful trail along the beach, but I had to get up fairly early to avoid over heating. 

And hubby did not burn in that amazing sun... but had to keep to the shade and baste the poor guy in sun factor 30. 

I really did not wanted to leave... But hey if you do not comeback you will have nothing to look forward like your next holidays! 

And I had an amazing end of my holidays... I did the Survival of the Fittest! 

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