Friday, 6 December 2013

getting into a spirit of all of it...

It will be just us with pets for Christmas.... Less responsibility and bit less stress. No crazy wrapping frenzy... It is actually nice, but we will be heading to Sunny Wales in January. Actually cannot wait to see everyone!!

I was feeling bit down lately work been really stressful... for both of us. And pets can only cheer you up that much. Besides bunny doesn't like to hug much:)

So today we had a little stroll throw the German market...

the warmth of the mulled wine:)
But I am actually almost done with Christmas shopping... Oh the stress of it... Now I m just shopping for my bday presents for my self:)
Best kind of present really.
Also the tree is up
And both Molly the Cat and Daisy the Bunny had a go on brining it down or eating it. Don't they know it's not real and won't do them any good. Silly pets:)
I also have a box of baby oranges (baby oranges any satsumas, clementines and other similar fruit) and my figures constantly smell of them. Love them. This it a true guilty pleasure... and Owen thinks I am an actual monster...
On this note, I better go and wrap some presents!
Happy holiday season y'all!
P.S. This is not my lap top so it takes me forever to get to post things I want to post... Sorry for being incommunicado. My dell actually died .... :( sad!


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