Monday, 11 November 2013

Good luck, my friend!

I like to know that certain things in ever changing life stay the same. I always know that if there is anything wrong I can run away home to Russia. It would involve a day of travelling but I would get there and will be supported and looked after no matter how old. Provided I make a joke, do dishes and cook at least one meal. 

And that I will always have people where who I can n be in touch for months and months but when we do meet its like we are 17 again and never parted just became bit more serious and wiser with experience.
Yesterday that has changed. My dearest friend moved...and to another city but to another place and to another life all together. Bali. Suppose now I have a place to stay there... hint hint!

(I know you told me not to put up this pic online... hahahaha)

I wish that all your super plans will come true and that you will be super happy there. Love you lots and be safe!! 

P.S. I can only imagine who you felt when I left all these years ago to Swiss and then to UK. 

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