Friday, 11 October 2013

Best end of holidays ever (or Survival of the Fittest Cardiff)

Remember last year I went to see my friend Nora to climb the wall? Well I was so inspired by these awesome people that I have singed up myself.

The event was the next day after our holidays.... Now I can say it was the best end of holidays ever, but a day before I was terrified. ... It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also had a most amazing team of people supporting me and being my paparazzi. Once again big big thank you goes to Owen, Sarah and Mel.

 But my dear hubby had to go home since he was working that day. Sad face. But I believe guys kept him updated.

The race was divided into waves and I was in sensible wave 5 which started at 11am.... I did not think how high everything will be and how very short I actually am. That was until I say these stacks of hay. Oh dear me, it was hard, but I managed without a boost or anything.

We climb over, jumped over and climbed under, slid on our bellies and went into the river... I felt amazing. 

But I did find it difficult to get down from the wall.... Scary and awesome wall. 

It was so awesome and actually dangerous that my friend Nora who was running with me and with whom we were staring at cute sailors, she broke her ankle. Poor thing have to wear a cast for 4 weeks at least...

Now I have another amazing medal in my collection and plans for next year to get a team together and kick this assault course's butt with some girl power and maybe some boy power:)) Join me I say!!!

Sarah was actually that excited that she tried to haul her self over with one arm in the sling;)

So yeah, I think we all need an awesome challenge like Survival of the Fittest to complete at least once. Join me! And lets climb that wall together!!

Big big thank you goes to these lovely chaps who gave a helping hand and push and pulled me over!
And to my amazing supporters:)) 
Lots of love... Now I have a half marathon to survive:)

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