Wednesday, 20 November 2013

too many shops...

So I still do not know many people here in Brum so girl gotta do something.... 
Really did not feel like cinema lately. So I went to look in the shops.... 

Absolutely loved this hat... Wish I could wear hats all the time. But only hats like that. 
I'm mainly now in my hood trying to hide from this terrible weather we been having here in UK.

How Dolce and Gabbana are these earrings?! I died! 
But these aren't exactly my cup of tea, but still these are awesome. River Island.

Now this I wanted to try on... But was too lazy. Not that I have space or need for a pink 80's party dress.

but it's just too cute... right?

And returning to Dolce and Gabbana .... £37 for this beauty! 

I do not know if I want these things but I really thought these were really awesome. And picture taking quality.. Yes, there is such quality.

It is this time of the year when I become a bit grumpier... as I will get older in few weeks. Or maybe it is a lack of sunshine but I do feel a bit down and really miss my friends who are in Wales.
Had a chat with Dessy the other day... Missing the wine o'clock and discussing shoes and boys. Yes that's what we do, and yes we are both happily married!

So when I saw this....

I simply had to send the picture straight to her. Cheered me up a treat! Actually a full book of this... 
Amazing!!! Trunks!! Hunks!! For everyone!! 

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