Monday, 21 October 2013


When I was younger the only thing improving my summers away from the city to Belarus and Ukraine was the Black sea and sandy beaches... I always forgot that I had all the kids to look after and they were all girls... It was a night mare!

So I actually have not seen any of that side of the family in years... as long as this dude been around!

Last time I saw him he was not born yet he was just a huge belly on his mama!
It was one very long trip from Birmingham to London then from London to Moscow and then after 3 hours wait and talking to a really annoying dude, to Odessa. 

But then there were delays and mother was really not happy with me:) But hey we got to drink sparking wine in my room and bitching about stuff. Also Ukrainian tv is funny, coz you know it's in Ukrainian. 
But I truly love Ukraine.. Always has. 
We went for lunch at my aunt's I met the groom, he is charming and super tall. Guess hubby is not the tallest in the clan anymore:)

They will have the cutest kiddies ever!!
We went to Odessa. Loved it. The food.... not sure how I feel about the fusion with amazing Chinese food, but dear got that pig's fat.... and tons of fresh garlic. Yes I know it's like super weird but I love it!!
And next day was the whole crazy thing called Russian-Ukrainian wedding...
The groom has to pass series of tests to get to the bride. It was actually really fun to watch!

but since it is a wedding the bride and mothers and fathers were so nervous and on edge...  I remembered our faux wedding when nothing when according to plan and it was driving me nuts and how relaxed and happy our actual wedding was, when we and few friends and family went to the registry office and then to the pub for dinner. No fuss no stress. 

But anywho... Later we all were packed into buses and driven to Odessa to have the reception. 
It was delish and fun! 
I really boned with bridesmaids

I m so happy for Katya she has such amazing friends. 
and now she also has amazing husband and whole new family.
Lots of love to you both

It was a lovely few days in Ukraine but they were so good that I could have use another holiday after it.

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