Monday, 4 November 2013

And if you sing ... sing sing sing!

It was really busy few weeks... We all over worked at work...

And finally Sarah came to visit! And she can move her arm:)

So we went shopping... wining and dining.... Also breakfast making, coffee drinking and bitching about things!

How funny is my named spelled?! :) Cuteness from Tricia. 
It is nice to know that I am still part of the team and I got lots and lots of hello and hug of people at my old office. Also an offer of my job back, but with no job in January... Oh well!! 
Also it is really hard to find a coat for me... So I've ended up after 2 days of searching with a beautiful navy number from Mango in a sexy military style.

And we were celebrating Sarah's Broth day.... Yes I said a broth day, my phone auto corrected it! Crazy right:) I hope she had a good birthday with us...

But no one embarrassed Sarah to no end by singing Happy Birthday. I was so counting on it! Yes, I am evil some times.
And then we went to see Travis....
Oh it was magical!! I love Travis even more then before!!

So we did not had the most disgusting 1st pint ever... Guess it was the end of the barrel. Can't be helped I guess. The support band were pretty strange, lead singer were trying way too hard for the support band. They made me think of Mumford and Sons with less people...

And then the small man in the hat told us we are about to watch him sweat a lot!!

Oh they were so good. Turns out they did not go away or split or anything they were just waiting for kids to grow a bit. Have you heard their new album? It's very nice called Were we Stand. 
Fran Healey is a super nice dude. Was telling us that if we are to take picture make sure people behind us can see. How nice is that?!
The gig was soo good! Travis were magical! Electric and I think I need to see them again!!

I wonder what we are going to see next! I am really looking forward to new gigs 

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