Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Fantastics Beasts

I was super lucky to have some cinema time just before the new year. I went to see Fantastic beasts and Moana. Moana will have her very own post later but for now let me tell you about the Fantastic beasts. 
I know I was very late to see it, and managed to actually stay away from any plot spoilers too. 


There were some nice twists in it. 
I am glad this film came out now and not earlier. The special effects were truly special and the creatures were more than magical. 
I truly admire the JK Rowling mind, to imagine all these creatures how they look and act. Put the entire universe together. Magic!  
I am actually making my mother to read the Harry Potter books. 
Oh that's another thing about the Beasts, it is totally independent film and I guess the book from HP story's.  personally I actually preferred this timeline, shiny roaring twenties in NYC. Beautiful costumes, oh I loved Queenie way to talk... "Oh honey..." she says...  


and it didn't feel outdated, like some to the HP costumes, or at least how I felt about them in the books. 
It's a great reboot and rework of the series I very much look forward the next instalment of this saga. 
Would I recommend it? Well yes, honey, even if you have no idea about the Boy Who Lived and the rest of Hogwarts stuff. 

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