Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Moana, make way make way!

If you are following me on twitter or Facebook you might know that last Sunday I took the child to see Moana. It is rate PG in UK so there are some scary moments but we have watched the songs in YouTube with bits from the film and little Egg didn't blink twice. But he loved the music. 
Oh what a wonderful film it is. The child only lasted about 20mins. And there weren't many kids in the audience, which is strange for early showing on Sunday so I have to take his little wiggle bum out.

It was very lucky I saw it before. This film is absolute beauty. Music, songs, colours and characters are wonderful! Oh and fun fact one of the composers and writers Lin-Manuel Miranda actually has Tony, Emmy, Pulitzer, Grammy and MacArthur Fellowship! What?! No wonder music and songs are so great!
Even the BBC Women's hour said that they love Moana since she isn't a princess and has no love interest in the film. 
I loved it because it tells a good story of love, courage, listening to your senses and and beautiful and atmospheric film. I cannot wait to get it when it is released. 
And most definitely recommend it to anyone! 
Oh god, and The Rock is so funny! It like Maui was written with him in mind... was it?

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