Saturday, 14 January 2017


I have made a cheese pie today. According to my hubby it's not a pie it's more of a pasty. I told him it's a Russian cheese pie. And my award winning chef if the hubby is ok with it... it's puff pastry, mature cheddar, mozarealla, butter and egg oh and egg wash. 


As I was smelling it backing away in the oven, I was remembering my grand mother. She passed away a while ago, I actually don't remember how long we don't have her with us. But I do remember her. Her soft hangs, kind and nurturing persinalty. Gosh I could have A in maths if she was alive then, she was a maths teacher. And she taught me to saw, embroider and encouraged my crafty nature in any way. 
It is nice when you think of family members  when they passed away you just feel all warm and cozy inside. Lots of love to you all xx

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