Monday, 9 January 2017

Shiny Golden Globes Fashions

This like an annual post about the pretty pretty outfits of the golden globes. It is a shame that I couldn't watch the ceremony its self but I had great fun on google search for pretty frocks. 
Yeah just the lady, since I actually relate to these. I know hot the good suit can look on the man and how it should look.... But I cannot relate... 

So here we go. 
Ethiral Emma Stone! Looks that this sweet gown... so light so lovely. I just keep imagining how it should feel to the touch. 


Oh Maisy Williams... She looks like some one let her go to the ball. Very nice bright yellow frok and tail and shiny hair. Damn, if we didn't know it is awards season we do now. 
Maybe a little too serious, I much prefer her in shorter dresses but here I think it works. 

I just loved this dress on Goldie Hawn. Timeless with a twist of this leather look. And look how good she looks? Damn I wish I could look this good when I am her age. 

Ruth Negga in this armor like dress... Oh I was lost for words when I saw this. Just amazing. 
I see why British Vogue loves her red carpet looks. 

Sofia Vergara in a shiny gold dress. Yeah I so did not bother to look up the designers. 
a while back I read an interview with her how she says that the reason that she mainly wears princess cut dresses is because they suit her figure... well this isn't something she usually wear and isn't it such a wonderful surprise? But the again I am pretty sure she is that beautiful and will look good in a bin bag. 

Cross dresser ladies... these women look so good!
Octavia Spencer, Evan Rachel Wood and Kathryn Hahn. I like how proper 1st two ladies look, just sleek but how sexy and fun is Kathryn Hahn outfit is?!

These was of course shock and horror that women have hair... damn did you know we actually hail everyone armpit hair?!
I applaude you Lola Kirke


So her instargam is amazing. I loved jetsam king around she is such a beautiful lady. And who actually care about the body hair. I admire her not carrying about stupid conventional beauty strandards of the western society. Some wrote that she is showing off her unshaved armpits, hmm I don't see any pictures of this lady with her arms behind her head exposing her underarms. Women have hair get over it! 
And have you seen the pin she has one? It says F&@k Paul Ryan. If you didn't know it it the muppet who is looking to defund planned parenthood... 

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