Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Time... Stop! I am not ready!

Last week was the week of firsts... 
So Edgar climbed out of the his cot at his grand parents.... He just looked so pleased with himself. But I wasn't so. This means the nap time over there will be a nightmare. 
Some one also got his first scraped knee.  We were out in the park with the dog and Egg jumped off the bench and landed on some gravel. But he was very brave. Had a little cry and then was just fasinated by that new thing on his knee!
And finally my little boy is a little climber. If you are following me on Instagram you would have seen a post from few days ago... 

He can't quiet reach with his feet so he uses his knees. That kid is so smart! 
... But not when he is having a tantrum and headbutts the floor or the wall.... 

But thinking about him growing up so quickly I can't help but cry. God I am such a mum! 

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