Monday, 25 July 2016

Hot oil hair treatment. Lush. Review

So this will be a sort of review. But I am so not girly in this way that it shall be called thoughts on the matter of the hot oil treatment from Lush.
Oh I love Lush. Love the products, love the shops design, minimalist packaging and totally love the cruelty free and vegan stuff. Even if I am not a vegan. It's nice to have company that cares about things like that.
But I got off topic here. 
So the hot oil treatment looks funny. Like the posh hot chocolate spoons you get over Christmas period. Well the idea is the same, you melt these busy stirring in hot water. Cute and easy to follow really. However I have found it really tricky to put the hot mixture on. Perhaps coz j have a lot of hair or maybe I just didn't know the trick... Is there a trick?

Got to say it smells heavenly. And texture was rather pleasant and a bit hot. Should keep this one for 20mins and then shampoo. 
This I actually prefer. There are so many different fancy hair treatments that you need to put on after the wash or in wet hair and then keep it on for 20min. Guess what I don't have time like this.... But this slather it on and mooch around. In my case I was trying to get a small child to use the potty and trying to heard him into the shower... 
I always take the hair care things seriously. It is advised to brush the conditioner in and I do so. I guess I did a really good job on the treatment it was super difficult to wash off. Or maybe I have a lot of hair... That I most certainly do. On day two I still find bits of it in my mop... 
Oh but never mind. My hair was straight. Not like wierd straight that you will get from irons. Well maybe not you, but I cannot get my hair look natural when using the straightners. And I didn't even use the hairdryer. 

And it's still looks rather good a day after but maybe since I haven't have much time to wash it out a bit greasy. But still very nice looking and straight. Even after sleeping and pulling it into a bun, pony tail and just the usual look I have hair but I cannot be bothered type of hair do. 
I will defiantly use it again and again. But maybe when I don't have a small child hogging the shower with me. 

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