Sunday, 10 July 2016


Oh summer! I love the hot weather, splashes of water (lake, sea, ocean puddling pool) and I love going to see the family in Russia. 
So me and my big guy when for couple of weeks there. After the flight from hell we actually fianlly made it to Chelyabinsk. 

Weather was good. Or goodish. Warm and only few days of hot. What did amaze me is that Russian parents seem to freak out and over dress their offspring. Yeah I get it you are worried. But why on earth your kid is wearing a hat and a jacket while you are walking around in shorts?! Oh well nevermind, not my business I guess. Poor sweaty kiddies! 

Edgar was allowed to play in the cars in the driver sits... He loved that way too much! And he was also the usual confusing self... Won't do anything fun to start with but then of couse we couldn't stop him. Didn't want to go to sauna ( traditional Russian banya) but then he was in tears when we were taking him away. Same with puddling pool, won't go in but when finally with blue lips kicking up the fuss because evil mama is taking him away... 
He also got new endearing skills. My gran to taught him how to spit. Why?! 
And he is fan of getting naked in his cot before the nap time with all the charming other features.... 
And we have introduced the family to Paw Partol (oh these dogs...) and to awesomeness of Cars and Frozen. 
We had good time but at home in Cardiff daddy was busy making play room and living room into one big awesome space and getting new member of the family the dog... 

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