Thursday, 21 July 2016

Race for life 2016

I looked throw my emails and it was the 5th year me doing it by myself. In 2010 I did it with a coworker. It is rather special race for me since it is the one I have started running.
I wasn't going to run it this year but one of the girls from the club was doing it and I though oh why not! 
It was super busy. Super muggy. I have lost my bib prior to the race, fail! And Edgar being a truly annoying little monkey got up at dawn. Like at 4am! 

But I have pulled my self together had a two hour nap before scoffing down food and making a run for the admin tent. Lucky they told me to come in early, by 10.20 they queue was so long I would have lost the will to anything!! 
This year I was surprised to see a lot of young children participating. Mamas with their boys broods, and some of these boys got into the race for life spirit and wore lots of pink! 

I saw and elderly lady who I can only describe and a Fairy Run Mother. She run with bunch of people who as she was overtaking them she cheered and also way asked how they were doing. And when we were getting into the finishing loop as spectator cheered she cheered back. Truly inspiring. 

But I will not be doing this again. I think I outgrew the race for life... It's too many walkers and I'm just really into my running at this point in life. 
But if you are new to running it is one super awesome event to do! With tutu or without... 

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