Sunday, 23 February 2014

Oh fishy fishy!

Owen came to visit. And as he always said I am better in organising fun and such in new cities. Like in Bath we had cake and went around giggling at the funny shops names, yes Knob Connection I'm thinking of you.

This time we went to Sealife Centre. Oh and it was fun...

We seen many many fish tanks full of wonderful and weird fish.
Tiny sharks, Nemo world made me want to go home and watch cartoons, seen my very favourite sting rays. I just love the way they swim, gliding like throw water. There were even some jelly fish... Now that's 
something one can watch forever.

They even have some otters!!! Three little dudes called Kiwi, Mango and Apricot. Excellent otter's names! Unfortunately when we got there after the feeding so the otters been sleeping... One of them clearly had a dream and was moving all of its paws. Such cuteness!! 

One thing for sure, the belly is here and its growing! ... Boys though this picture was so funny...

Seahorses bellies were not as big as mine:)
Next time I am not missing otters being fed!

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