Sunday, 9 February 2014

on being pregnant...

I discovered that we were expecting just few days before my birthday and I was shocked I guess... Pleased but still it came as a shock. You hear about people trying to get pregnant for months and maybe years, we were lucky enough to get baby from the very 1st time we had a go at this. Hubby is very proud of his "handywork". Funny right.

Well after having a 1st scan it all now is real and I didn't just put on bit of weight. There is a baby growing inside of me. And I am 13 weeks pregnant... I am going to be a mother.... Now that is a title I don't think I will get used to.

Things did not change much really... Or have they and I just did not notice?

We went ice skating for my birthday and I already had tiny something growing in me. Also got to say restaurants and bars should make more booze free options. 

Well I am lucky enough not to have morning sickness, I just was tired most of the time and I find my self being very unmotivated.

I was going to the gym like I used to in the beginning, but then I was feeling very run down and tired. Then I had a cold and I never went for about a month now. I will give it a go again, but think it might be time to cancel the gym and move to the swimming pool. It is supposes to be very good for my changing body.
Anyway, I'm off to watch Olympics. See you all soon x

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