Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Spring is in the air!

Dont you just wish that everyday was a day off... and a sunny day off. Wish also that our boiler worked and it was warm, but hey one cannot have everything. 

Luckily we live next to parks.... Walking around and not thinking about work, stress of it all just enjoying is a truly rare occasion. Dont think I like being a grown up but what are you going to do:) 
We made friends with some dogs, I almost climbed over the wasp nest, thank you for sings wood people!
I loved outside today. 
Now we are cozy at home watching some Jonathan Creek and eating a home-made chilli with nachos. 
Jonathan Creek is amazing, watch it now if you haven't seen it! Netflix is good for it. 
And chilli was a joint effort but nachos are shop bought!

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