Tuesday, 25 February 2014

art art art....

I have been hearing a lot about Pre-Raphaelite's in Birmingham museum, then I found out, thank you Twitter, that they also have new exhibition of Grason Perry. So I thought, I know a lot about pre-Rafs and Grason Perry but I am yet to see their art... Not as a reproduction but as a real thing. 

I loved Cardiff National Museum so I guess I have expected something similar to B'ham museum. 

I was after work, actually it was a late to early shift and then I went to museum. To say I was pooped is it not to say anything, but hey life goes on and one shall remain magical unicorn! 

I loved loved the first room you walk into... And the picture of penguins.... And impressive halls and rooms. 
With music throw my head phones I began my wonder. 

I have managed to get lost in all the endless rooms and halls. I didn't visit the all of it, think it is a project for a day off next time. But I saw who I came to see... And found more things on the way. 
I saw the Pre-Rafs... I thought their art was very touching and portraits seem to glow from the inside somehow. And ever so details. Beautiful! 
Also I have discovered a lot of painting of Welsh coast lines. Rather stunning too!!
Seen something truly srtange and wonderful... like that chair installation with strips of orange plastic coming out of it... 
Like a lot this paining...

It is for sale if you want to give it to me for my birthday this year:) 
And I finally found Grason Perry's tapestries.... 
Well... I know of Mr Perry and know how eccentric he is. I was very excited to see what his art is like. And have to say I was not disappoint! His tapestries were very moving, so real and so trippy at the same time. Yet, as the life of the heroes of this work is unravelled before you, I felt so very sad for this couple... 

Definitely worth time. Educate your self! Art is fun!

But I have also discovered that I am not a fan of Brit art. Neither I am a fan of 17th century art, or 1900s. 
I love things more obscure, like Impressionists, lots of brush strokes, whole new spectrum of colour... 

Must go see them in their natural habitat in Paris! Husband! hint hint:)

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