Friday, 21 February 2014

Magical Unicorns

So, so far so good. No morning sickness feel most of the time good, just an occasional pain here and there, mainly my tail bone and near buy ones. Especially if I was up and around all day, or busy standing up at work all day long, I can barely move at the end of the day.

I was insistent of leading normal life, and for 1st few weeks it was just good, I was fine active as usual....

At current state I'm not... Luckily I'm pass the time when all I wanted to do is sleeping and sleeping.

But I still find it hard to bring my self to do anything outside the house. Shops make me sad, I cannot get anything since I really do not know how my body will be after the birth, shoes never fit anyway, gym seems like too much effort, so is the cinema.

I have been spending time nesting and tiding, and having baths!!

About this I feel very very guilty! How could I just give up like that... so at this very moment I am sitting down with Jonathan Creek on tv and head ache so strong that I might cry... Steve told me to chill and not try to do everything. And take it easy. So I guess I'm not magical unicorn. But Sarah did say that I am a magical unicorn I just need to have my batteries recharged! 

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