Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sea Of Pink!

Nothing makes a girl feel more empowered then do the race for life (yes yes I sound a bit like crazy person)... well its kind of my thing. That's how I got the running bug too!! 

As you know I did the 10K this Saturday... Weather was terrible!

There were lots of ladies in pink, kiddies in pink, husbands in pink and even some dogs were dressed in tutus. I thought the dogs looked adorable but husband said that Alsatian in tutu and with feathered pink boa is degrading and taking away animal's dignity... Oh if only I could I would dress up out bunny Daisy and rats too!
We didn't start till 20min past start time... and we all were soaked. It was raining.... grass was slippery... danger everywhere! Organisation didn't impress really... It was very upsetting. But there were happy cheery supporters with banners and tiny runners were trying to keep up with the girls! Well...I did it! and actually managed to do it in one hour and three minutes! Personal best :)
It was my 5th race for life and this time I actually did the back sing... Glitter and all shabang! 

Damn! My back looks fat... :( 
My Gran died of cancer in 1996 on her birthday. She was just  61. It's a terrible disease... I feel like I helped to make a difference.... 
Again the lovely people from Cancer Research did the T-shirts with the names of all the participants on them... See if you can find mine!:)

Today it was 5K race and girls from work were doing it. It has so much more publicity and different stuff .... More sponsors, more people... Well I guess 5K is shorter and more girls feel up for it. 
Well I was running a bit late and ended up jogging next to Jess:) But I have managed to see them at the finish line...
So left to right>>> Annalie finished in 28min, Val in 35, Claire in 32 and Jess did it in 37. Well done ladies!! Proud of you!!
Everyone but Jess decieded to do Cardiff 10K next with me in September.... also my other friend Nora is trying to convince me to do half marathon in October... I wonder if I can.... 

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