Sunday, 1 July 2012

bits and bobs...

Well here we go... things I have made.... excuse the quality... I should really take a course in photoshop... and get a better camera... Hint hint hubby!!

 I always enjoyed drawing still life... fruits, flowers... 

 No idea what this is... but colours are really pretty.... One my friends suggested that this is an embryo and I must be pregnant...well this was about 3 years ago and no babies yet.

 This came out after watching some Olympic events... gymnastics mainly:)

and back to still life.... 

this is a boyfriend... made for hubby. Now little guy lives next to TV he has a girlfriend but she didn't come out as well ... I didn't have enough felt fabric.

This lives in my mothers house. Sunflowers were made for her as a present for women's day. Yes, we Russians do celebrate it and it's a bank holiday.

Guess the flower? ... No seriously guess! Leave the answer in the comments

Now this.... Made with melted crayons.... the how to can be find here, the happy crafter place on the internet! Obviously it is a variation. Hubby really likes this one! 

Things that go throw that head of mine... right? :)

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