Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Present for Dickie and Karly

My hubby was out all day helping our friends Dickie and Karly moving house.
I was stuck at home since I wasn't very well past few day... But this blog was super inspirational... So next thing I know I did this... 

And then... I got the felt, made paper pattern and start hand stitching year and fox's face.... Dusted off my sewing machine and completed Mrs Fox!

She us now living in Dicky and Karly's new place!

I was actually sad to see her go. It was very quick.... finishing stitching the head and body together... skyping with mother. She said I should give Mrs Fox to her.... and then Dickie brought hubby back, fox was gifted and Dickie left....

Bye-bye Mrs Fox, you should look after Dickie and Karly now! Well she did make super cute intragram picture...

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