Sunday, 8 July 2012

food festival

Well last year I went to food festival alone hubby was in the hospital... This year we went together. I'm not sure if he liked it but I do enjoy this food filled event. And the weather was horrible. Hubby wore a coat I wore boots and we had to have umbrellas... So cold so wet... But always a good excuse to have Pimms at 1pm!

Well we got some delicious meringues... I made Eat'n'Mess! Too much cream, actually don't thing I cannot move:) I also saw how easily welsh cakes are made and got a bag for hubby. I actually waited for hot ones, but it turned out he didn't want them hot after all. But while he was waiting he got some chilly sauce... it's green, not sure how hot it will be... bit scared! I also tried some very questionable spirit called Boozeberry Cranberry, delicious pork sausage, amazing Norwegian salmon, and snaked on giant garlic and tarragon scotch egg. 

Now see... bad weather yet still a lot of people around... Imagine what it was like last year when sun was not hiding behind the rain and clouds! 

Speaking of Norwegians, they actually had their students doing an internship in the restaurant we work at. They came in for dinner and we had a chat... Well I came over to say hello, they first fed me and then gifted me a lump of slightly sweet cheese. How very nice!!
We also got some pork pies, more scotch eggs, elderflower champaign and lots of cured meats... 

It was also a day to mark hubby's 4 days off for his birthday!

 ------ Happy birthday baby! I love you so very much!! xxx-----------

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