Thursday, 13 July 2017

Cleansing. Product review

I am blessed or cursed with oily skin. 
Generally speaking it is good and has lots of collagen which means sings of ages are not as visible and will be delayed in general but this also means that I often have a shiny face and prone to blemishes and such.... 
So with that in mind I wanted to change my regular Boots botanicals cleanser for something less oily. But I wanted to continue that hot cloth routine and I don't want to spend a lot of money. So I got this from Superdrug under £5

And here is my big shiny and tanned face. 

The cleanser has a nice texture and spreads lovely on. Washes off easily living the skin feeling clean. But for the first week I was using it I had to apply moisturiser pretty much straight after my skin felt dry and like there was no water left on earth! But now it is better I guess it adapted. Also fave didn't feel oily which is nice for summer time. 
I am not sure if I'll get it again... pros are great but that feeling of dryness... and do not, I repleat do not used the cloth that comes with the product it so so rough on the skin! 
So texture is great, but some affects that are actually gone now are not so much. 
So undecided! 
But love their anti animal testing policies! 

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