Monday, 24 July 2017

Fighting with my milkaholic

My almost 3 year old has a terrible milk habit. When i hear other parents saying how they had a bad night their kid woke up once I want to cry and tell them they don't know how lucky they are! Truly! 
For last three years I can count on one hand how many times Egg slept throw the night. It was 3 times. Three glorous nights... 
So every time he would grouch in the night we would give him a bottle with milk. Yes we are bad. And he still has bottles. Yes yes I know.
So after having a nice chat with Health Visitor last week, she said he needs a uninterrupted sleep, and so do we. It is linked to their development and you know... it's a sleep!! 
Basically we had to suck it up and not give him milk. And guess what two difficult nights and now he pretty much sleeps throw until he wakes up. 

(Here is my tiny terror with his new love Welsh cake)

But last few days he was up at 4am and 4.30am and refused to go back to sleep... and he gets naked... with all the wet consequences...
However today he cried out at 2am I went to check on him, dressed him and fixed the bed as much as I could without disturbing him much. I put a pair of boxers over this pull up nappy... he got up at after 5am. 
This makes me wonder what would happen if I get him into nappy and pants, or dressed him in a night before he wakes up... and would we wake up at 6am in two days time?
Also since we cut the milk consumption and I recycled most of his bottles he rather happily drink out of a mug. It also results in cutest milk mustashe!
And also did I mention he uses the toilet and only wears nappy at night time... or you know not really. We can't manage a number 2 while wearing big boy pants just yet but it's a win none the less!

Little victories count! Every single one of them. I am slowly tacking this toddler thing and slowly becoming more of myself... not just Edgar's mama. 

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