Thursday, 13 July 2017

Quiet time

Mama's life is hard and it's very hard to find quiet time. I miss just sitting down and maybe crafting or just chilling, or having friends over or just a bath... 
Now with Big Guy all these things need to planning ahead. Yes I have to plan time in the bath. It's this intense. But I do get some quiet time every so often, when Edgar naps... I listen to podcast.

Yes my regular favourites like Kermode and Mayo, No Such Thing as the Fish, Answer me this and Scummy Mummies. 
But I have discovered the new ones recently and I want you to have a have a listen to... so here it goes.
The Guity Feminist 
They explore out noble goals in achieving equality for all while being super funny and yet super unsightful. This week they were talking about raising feminist boys which is a topic close to my heart. And if only I could get my hubby to give a go too... 
Then the creator of GF created Global Pillage. I always laught out loud to the silliness and enginiousnes of the comedians at this panel show. Yes it's a thing! Put Deborah Francis-White on TV I say!
Then of course from Answer me this Helen does the Allusionist. The fascinating things about the English language with the jokes thrown in. I guess I am also a fan of Helen's style of podcasting. 
So Allusionist had introduced me to Imaginary Worlds. Maybe I'm not interested in every subject Eric Molinski talks about but I am facinated by all and learnt so much. The episode Imagining Wonder Woman and about Slave Leia 2016 really stuck with me, and of course A Year Without Summer about Mary Shelly. 
I also just started to listen to Dirty Mother Pukker but Mother Pukker and At Home with... 
The DMP I enjoy because they discuss these things that are closed to me as a "people who happened to be parents" so I am not just a mama I am a person who happens to be a mama. Also their choice of words just makes me giggle like "bonking with intent" ... in tears! 
As for At Home with... well it's just nice that two ladies speak to other ladies they are really admire. It make for a nice listen. Even if I want it to be more of a visual thing, like a TV show. Oh prehaps it is the their starting point. But I got to say ladies they have spoken to are truly remarkable and interesting. 
And one more ... however this podcast is anything but about Frasier. Yes, it is the Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs by Kevin Smith and Matt Mira. They talk so much and some of it is actually funny or even enlightening about the TV series in general but when they have actual guest who were involved with show. 

So yeah I spend my time passively learning about stuff I guess. May it be people's options on parenting or actual random bits about the language and fun facts around the world. 
And of couse you can find these on iTunes or similar outlets! And so let me know what you are listening in your free time. 

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