Saturday, 4 February 2017

Practice what you preach

Remember that post about the self care ... well I got busy again and again didn't look after my self. Well I guess when your kid is unwell too you kind of don't think about yourself.
So we all got this horrid virus. Not sure from where and how long I had it for. I know a lot of this going around and this virus is nasty. 
After almost a week of little man refusing to eat and not sleeping well for two days... well he is finally better and he sleeps and he eats! Yay! But still abbot snotty. Well it's nice to send you toddler to nursery but he does come back with most fun bugs. They all have snotty faces at this moment. 


I am not sure if husband is better but I tell you if you have this stuff sleeping helps. But I understand if you have toddlers it is virtually impossible. 
Oh and I finally went to see the doctor ... it's a virus. Nothing really can help me just do what I have been doing and chill. And try not to cough too much I guess... 
This is a reason you haven't seen me here for a while... 

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