Monday, 20 February 2017

Learning to sit down...

I guess we all know what Pinterest is. That magical place that shows you what you can do, what you can have... they actually have some great activities boards for little ones. 
Then we have instamums ... these pretty women with their immaculately dressed kids posing for photos... Or these kids that actually sit down to do stuff and they don't run around... 
Well part of me know it is all a lie. And they, instamums, say them self do not trust the pictures. My old school friend posted the awesome crafting photo with her two year old boy. I was in aww, he just sat there and painted the cut up egg carton.... my Egg would have spill stuff everywhere and wouldn't paint so delicately for a two year old. So my friend replies do not believe the picture before this was taken her little boy had to be cleaned off the paint and was running around like a mad loony... so there we have it do not believe the picture. 
And as we all know behind a good instargam there is someone who is actually taking this photo for that person... I mainly get selfies with my kid. Do you?
All children are different. And in a way I am sort of jealous of these calm munchkins who want to sit and play quietly. I just went to the kitchen to get more coffee I was gone maybe 5 mins... Egg pulled all he sofa cushions down moved his table in the middle of the room and turned off the internet. So thinking of him sitting down and doing something quietly was... I didn't think it would be possible 

Admittedly this didn't last long. But now I know that I can get him to do something quietly for about 15 minutes. But under the supervision... about 10 mins after this been taken Egg learned to squish these beads and started throwing them around. 


I do not think there's such thing as prefect parents... we are all great in our own way. 
My kid is spirited and very strong willed but I knew that for a while. We both are learning to manage this lovely family trait. Think if he will sit down more regularly for a quiet activity he might in the end lean to be patient. 
I am doing the best I can. I do not feel guilty about sticking him in front of the telly. We all need a bit of peace... chances are he won't be watching it as such but looking for more mischief to accomplish.  

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