Tuesday, 21 February 2017


People come and go.. we change we are busy we priorities.... my little monkey comes first so I don't have time for anyone but him. Well you all can cook and wipe your own butts. 
Yes being a mother is amazing... but it is also super hard demanding and isolating. If you have one mum friend cosider yourself lucky. I have them but hey aren't near! I love you mamas but you aren't in arms reach. And you have mamas within 2 or 3 doors to you.. you are so lucky!! 

(I love Rhian hat much that even let her snapchat filer me!)

I thought I had that friend thing figured out... oh boy was I wrong. My freaking maid of honour turned out to be someone else. Not someone I want to maintain relationship with... it is hard to make friends when you are older... but some how I have couple of people I am fond of! And we don't need to talk all the time...  
Actually had some homemade cake and good company and a nice chat and sushi and secco later in a week... and I had my old friend over for silly film and wine a week before... feels nice to have people in your life who don't need their bums whipped by you...

Love you bitches we need to hang more! 


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