Sunday, 12 February 2017

Enjoyment vs Constrictive Criticism

I love cinema. Think I always did. 
When I was teen or in my early 20s I was more of art house, subtitled, strange movies kind of a gal. I enjoyed these films but I do not think I understood or actually remember them much, I think I just liked what people around me liked. Or maybe I was just pretentious... however I would alway try to see the film in original language. It just makes sense, movies are dubbed in artistic kind of way. And a lot get be lost in translation. 
For example last summer I went with my cousin to see Jurassic Wolrd back home in Russia. Film was in Russian. But I could spot a joke that was supposed to be there it sometimes they just didn't work in Russian. 
French films I love for their wackiness and just pure joy, think Amelie or Taxi (not the remake please, the original ones with Samuel Naseri and Frederick Diefenthal). 

But now I just watch films that bring me joy. Sing was definitely one of theses film. It is not Moana, but it has heart, great funny characters .... and come on pig in a shiny catsuit? What more do you want. Oh and totally feel like Rosita!
I saw La La Land... now here I don't know what has happened. I know I enjoyed it but I would not see it again. Well not in a while I think. It's a great film, all the musical numbers are great, beautifully made, great acting talents but somehow all the hype about this film made me have unrealistic expectations. This film is fab but I do not want to see it. But I wanted to see Rogue One again and again. Well it is also a great film but didn't have that crazy hype. Well it did but not in the arty farty way... Same as Amelie, Under the Tuscan Sun or even Star Trek Beyond... 

Lucky I have been an Unlimited Card holder to Cineworld for years now. And if want to see the film 3 times in the cinema I can. And I sort of ok I don't enjoy the film much.. however there is one more thing. If the movie is to make me cry like Lion or say Moster Calls... well I really wanted to see these but at that point in life I just didn't want to cry and be sad... I will watch them one day. Or maybe not... 
So here it goes I would watch pretty much any movie as long as it make me happy. I don't want to think about how great technical things are or direction, I just want to feel happy and warm inside after watching it. 

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