Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Fun Day!

Hubby told me about this "food fair" at Chapter Art Centre. And being super busy as per usual I totally forgot about this... Imagine my surprise when I got the text "bunch of little stalls you would love it! Oh and can you bring an apron"...
The event was called the Art Car Bootique to celebrate 100 years of WI. Amazing!!

So off we went to the Chapter. We lived in Canton and Riverside for years, yet I never been to Chapter. Fail on my part I think, looks like an amazing place.

There were soo many people about. Great atmosphere, people, puppies, prams and baby carriers everywhere. I so wish Edgar would still be small enough to be carried around. But we had a cuddle and wonder in the arms so he could look around properly. 

And thing we saw! Lots of stalls and people! Handmade and unique things! People making art by cycling! Swan trailer... (sort of, not sure what to name this)! Lots of Vintage! We saw an awesome drum band! Our favourite Elderflower wine lady! And had her amazing elderflower and strawberry belini, mama had it not baby! 

We also spend some time with Daddy and lobster people. And Edgar even had some of the awesome lobster roll. Well he might have more interest in the brioche bun... But then again I haven't found any remains of the roll, so I guess we have yet another lobster convert!

I of course had to get some things... Like these awesome studs from The Catkin Boutique. I think I might give the cat ones to my mum since the look so much like my parents cat! Too cute!!

And as the last thing I had some of this awesome rum cocktail form Migli Lounge . It was like summer in the glass! 

It was really amazing event wish we could have stayed longer... It's nice to see that Cardiff has such awesome locals who can make truly anything!

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