Saturday, 2 May 2015

Babies babies babies

Oh yay royal baby is a little girl. Little princess! How cute!

You know how I said I still struggle a bit with my new identity in the previous post? Well I cannot call Egg "my son" he is "my baby" or "my boys" (when two of them obviously), but never my son... Strange right.
Oh if you are a mum or about to become one, I highly recommend One Bad Mother podcast. It's so much fun!

Little man is doing great, eat sleeps and poops. He gets super excited when he sees the pool and splashes with both arms and legs now. Swimming lessons are more fun every time. However he is way too interested in the edges of the pool and how they feel. 

And now also he is on the move. Crawls and pulls him self up to walk or stand around.... I think most of babies crawling then they starting to walk right? But now at the same time! Mama needs eyes everywhere. But now he learns to fall down properly & not hurting himself. I would say we get 2 hurts out of 10 falls on average. So nice!

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