Sunday, 17 May 2015

It's been a while

I would like to apologise for not finding time... Well and then the blogger wouldn't work for me. Maybe it's me... Very hurt, blogger! 
But I also have been busy. Last week Egg man wasn't very well, picked up a cold in the play group. So all the entertainment was at home. 
We rediscovered Sailormoon, well I have. At times it was rather challenging to keep a snotty baby happy. But we managers, even men our Grammy for lunch on Sunday. Egg man does enjoy the trips out and wagamama do great food for him to try out ... Noodles, shiitake mushroom, chicken katsu. 
Mumming is very busy! I was making food for Boy too... 

Edgar is tying so much food and flavours ... And he is also active lately... Crawling walking... Terrorising pets:) 

Bunny is being a good sport! And every runs up to him:) 

The fish however are in trouble... With Edgar tap tap taping on the side of the tank... 

We actually have to get gates, but we are still didn't fix them properly:) just keeping my eye on that cheeky monkey...

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