Tuesday, 5 May 2015

fermenting... you what?

When I was in my 1st trimester of pregnancy all I wanted was chillies, curries and spicy food. 
That fun period in life affirmed my love for kimchi. You know it is that totally delicious Korean food that they cannot leave without. Koreans even had it developed as food in space so the Korean astronauts won't miss it during the long missions! Now that a cult food!
But where to get it so the spiciness won't blow my head off.... For some reason I have this thought in my head that I won't be able to fit the pram in the Asian shop around where we are so I never went looking for it.

But luck will have it there is a simpler recipe in Hemsley and Hemsley book Art of Eating Well. So husband been foraging for Chinese cabbage and fish sauce. Yeah, get your sauces and noodles form Asian supermarket, authentic and cheap! 
Actually just found a very similar recipe just now on www.kitchn.com here
And just like this I went on adventure of making my very own kimchi. It is actually fairly easy, chop the veg leave them in brine over night, make the paste, dry the veg, cover in paste and put in the sterilised containers pushing down and leaving to ferment... and it;s not grape juice:)

Now I am waiting. Checking on these bubbles every day. Actually made a girly date to try this bad boy next weekend.
Also I never actually fermented anything before it is all very very exciting! 
I shall report back with results

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