Friday, 1 May 2015

run run run!

Being a mama is amazing and super exhausting.... and you seem to lose your identity sometime. And I did struggle with it, I still do in a way. But now it doesn't bother me... Anyway.

I found when I go for a run my brain switches off and I don't freak or stress or over-think... Basically I need to have a run as often as possible or join the gym. But hey my other half works shifts and I have no one to watch little man... So I need another plan.

I popped over to Nike shop in St David's 2, these guys do running club 3 times a week. And best thing it is free! 

I was meant to go Monday but that didn't happen, someone had a little accident and it took a long time to sort out so by the time I was meant to get ready and go all I wanted is to sit down. But I did go on Wednesday.... It was like a crazy training session, with sprints that I cannot do at all. Warm up however was super easy for me, we even did superman... It was super easy for me, maybe coz I actually do have a strong core, it is just has this extra baby room still... 

It is always scary to come in and be a new kid. It is always scary to do something new (applies to mumming too). But.... runners are a super nice bunch. I talked to lots of them and they are just so friendly. Some ladies I have been chatting to did MARATHON two weeks ago.. How amazing is that?!

Really felt the love on Facebook group.

I'm am part of this awesome tribe ... I am super slow one, but still I ran! 

P.S. I have singed up for a 10K on 31st May. So 4 weeks to go 4 weeks to train

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