Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Moving is hard enough but try not to forget the subscriptions... that's a whole different thing. And I kinda did, and didn't. Birchbox was actually AWOL but they kindly sent me a replacement. Excellent customer service. Also must mention the My Little Box customer service is also excellent. But boxes arrived late and to my in laws address and I have finally got my mitts on them just few days ago... 
 And I loved them! 
Considering I do not actually wear nail varnish much I slapped on this model's own in seconds! And it stays on really well, I wash dished and my fingers being chewed on by one adorable baby who it teething at the moment. Poor little guy!

Well pleased with goodies from MLB as well. I look very cute in this headband. Their own brand of lippy has a nice texture and fun colour. Not going to bother mentioning the cream and lotion, you know they are awesome. Also loved the wrapping goodies and their cute magazine.... Can't wait to get January box!

In fact I actually also got the January box from Birchbox already. This one they collaborated with Women's Health. Yes gyms are packed and all the shops are showing their work out goods. But it is super motivation for me.... Stay tuned for that one. 

Check out these goodies! Cannot wait to try the tea. Hear and read many good thing about Matcha Tea, btw a friend of mine does this blog about healthy eating and cooking check Chloe out!
The resistant band is a bit easy for me and real stretchy but then again, I used to be a gym bunny and do have a big baby whom I carry around a lot... 

Once again opening these boxes made me feel like it is Christmas or my birthday! I do enjoy them a lot, would definitely recommend them to everyone!

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