Saturday, 24 January 2015

Baby Weight

Having a baby is amazing! Woman's body is well simply wonderful we can make humans!!

I was very good during my pregnancy, didn't change my eating habits much. Was eating more fruit and veg and did allow my self eat cake, Krispy Kreams... I think it was because I couldn't eat mouldy cheese. Oh how I've missed it.... so when Edgar was out I had a massive plate of cheese so it gave poor guy bad tummy! Must not forget how much the breast milk is affected. So ladies when breastfeeding do not over indulge on dairy. Have it but in normal or lesser quantities.

I actually miss having a bump... what a bump I had!!! MASSIVE!!! 

But I tried to stay as healthy as possible, I was still going to the gym till about 4 months pregnant. Think it really had an effect, I could still reach my toes at 40 weeks, But then again I am not recommending this I was fit enough to do so and I had a low risk pregnancy, 
So with Edgar getting bigger and Hubby working less I finally have time to get back into shape. 
I got the app... as you know there is an app for everything... the app is essentially the HIIT (high intensity), but it's very gentle one, 9 different exercises over 7 minutes. Also if you keep at it it will unlock more workouts and such. I did slightly modify it... I'm not fit enough yet to do push up with a twist. I do more abdominal exercises, it is my main area of concern! And dear me it is super hard especially after C-section. Just think of it, your abdominal musculus were sliced and put back together.... 
Well actually from about 5th of January I have decided to do 30 squats for 30 days.... that still going on top of me running rarely (when Steve can watch Edgar and it is fairly early in a day) and my 7 minutes jumping about the house... I also do 30 different crunches.
I have a long way to go still but I am slowly getting there. I wish you the same. Set a goal and slowly make it there.... 

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