Saturday, 10 January 2015


You know how I said that every January everyone is buying gym kits and memberships? 
Well I guess you can say that I am also jumping on the January band wagon and trying to improve myself. We got the juicer in the January sales and now I am mad juicing things! 

It's super easy to up your fruit and veg intake. In my case, I forget to eat properly so it is definitely a must!
When is everyone can just join the gym and go the gym I cannot. I have a 24hr mama job! I love it, but I miss being active. Hubby is way too busy with new opening but I am super excited I went and got some new kit, always need new one anyway and my new leggings are super fun with lots of stripes and ombre detailing! I actually think that becoming a mama made me adventurous in clothing choices... 
I haven't done anything since my 6 week post-partum check up. I ran home. Real fast! So now I am doing a set challenge. 30 day 30 squats. I also decided today to add 30 crunchies, different sorts. I want to be fitter than I was, I'm busier now and making one teething baby giggle is actually hard but ever so rewarding when you hear that cute laughter.... 

My goal is to fit in the dress below... Check out the size of my bump!! 

I think I was about 38-39 weeks pregnant there..... 
Also I have not been able to fit into this dress for about 3-4 years. It's a real challenge!

I even picked up some free passes to different gyms... So with luck I will have lots of sweat, energy, social life and be happier....

Speaking of social life... Anyone knows about any baby clubs in Cardiff? 

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