Friday, 27 June 2014

Last day at work done!

I was actually looking forward to it for a very very long time... Last day at work!! WOOO kind of like day before holidays when you were at school, this super excitement.

I am very much looking forward not to deal with idiots, people who ask you obvious and same questions over and over again... Oh wait! I will have a baby, but then these guys do not actually know. But asking about car park charges and why are they so high... You damn ass it is city centre it s actually very reasonable!! And no just because it says check in time 2pm you do not have to arrive by 2pm or else we give away your room... Honestly!! See why sometimes I get grumpy at home because it seems rude to tell people "Just use your brain mate!" and you also cannot be patronising.... Even if you actually know better!
My work colleagues made me feel very special! I had a home baked cake. Which was insanely delishious... I mean you really cannot go wrong with chocolate brownie cake in white icing! And look how pretty and fun it is....

Kelly actually made the baby out of cake too and swaddle him in icing.... More icing and more cake!!!

I got some beautiful flowers, cards with sweet wishes and advice not to ask our GM to baby sit since he almost drowned his nephew... well the kid fell into the river while cycling with him.

Also got lots of hugs and wishes. Love hugs:) Some super soft socks for the mini me and gift voucher to spend in Mamas and Papas. We still have few things to get... Think like this might be never ending.

I felt very cared for and loved yesterday, big thank you to all you lovely people at work. And some amazing regular guests who also gave me presents for little one... That's like extra sweet!!

But now I feel strange...  I have been working for a while now and I realise "What on Earth I am going to do?" time off... with no holidays to fill in, no deadlines... It is scary.... Our lives are about to change. And there is nothing to do but prepare and wait for the baby to arrive... One very scary notion.

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