Wednesday, 4 June 2014


So I met a lady the other day she was in her 40s and was heading to her 1st gig ever... She was going to see New Kids on the Block in B'ham NIA. Well more like Old Dudes on the Block really...

That made me smile! A lot!!!

I finally been to the massive venue to see the gig. I got hubby tickets for Nine Inch Nails in Cardiff... So I though we will have fun, drinks and such. Well I didn't know I would be 7 months pregnant... 

But we had fun! I really do not know much of NIN but it was really fun and very different.

A lot of cool looking people, saw some great and rather strange tattoos. Dude with a penguin tattoo on his calf was rather cool!

And the gig it self...

A massive downside of a big venue and short height I cannot see much. 
But after looking a "spot" we found one.
Also being preggers and going to the gigs equals a lot of pee breaks!

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