Thursday, 16 May 2013

My babies...

One day hubby went to the market and came back with three little brown rats. We can never named them, since they actually looked exactly the same, although they really had different characters.

Sadly two of them died recently and now there is only one little rattie left... She looks a bit sad. So we are trying to keep her busy as we can... 

Today she was building the nest.
And then we have lovely Daisy-poop.... or Daisy-cal or "Stupid rabbit won't let me shower her with love"-says Stephen when she runs away from him. 

Daisy was really not impressed when I had to put little rat into her cage... The do have a strange relationship.  Daisy had her hair pulled by the rat then she ran away, but yet curiosity... they can sit together on the sofa with me between them. Oh silly things. 

One thing... I do not think I would want to have more rats. It was too upsetting finding one of them dead in the morning. Too sad to lose ones pets... 

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