Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ideas... Oh Sorry Mom

I was talking about tattoos with Sarah... a lot recently. Reading this my mother will get upset, keep reading! I love you!

 Here is something I really like...

cute rats... I am still very sad about our little dudettes passing...However these designs aren't really my style.

Sailor moon... Oh how I love this cartoon:)
These are really cute!


White rabbit... yes, Alice, follow that bunny down the rabbit hole... 
I absolutely adore the idea of having mad hatters partner in crime tattooed. Well we are all mad here after all!

And I though this is very cute.... 

So I am thinking and saving money... Sorry mom, but you can already get used to it, yes I have a tongue bar and also have couple tattoos... and I am more then likely to get some more. It does not change me as a person in anyway, or makes me irresponsible. It is just something I really love.... Besides I am over 18 and legally can get tattooed, and fact is I m over 25 so I am more then likely make a sensible decision and not get tattoo on my face. I am not silly like that. 
I mean if you want to get your face tattooed it's totally fine, but it is not for me.

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