Sunday, 12 May 2013

DIY ... well I was bored:)

I always enjoyed making things... No matter what, earrings, clothes (skits and bags mainly), I'd like to think that I have this craftiness from my gran and perhaps mom. But mother mainly knits and crochets, I'm more of sewing and other DIY kind of gal. 
So after watching tons of DIY videos on YouTube, I finally managed to learn about jump rings and now I can use them properly. 

The cute poison bottles went to Sarah and I made little gun earrings which I gave to Rhian.
However these skulls things, look a bit to white... Need some more work to them.

Speaking of giving gifts, I also made a hair band for Rhian, since she is so fond of them. It was super easy to do... Ribbon came as a free gift with my Cloth Magazine. By the way this is one very inspirational mag, love it! 
 So measure your head, and mark the ribbon length accordingly. I left approximately an inch on each side, so I would have some space to make little cute tails. Then I sew them together over the usual hair elastic, put some glue over the seams for extra strength...

I think this came out jolly nice! Would be even better if I could do the seams on my sewing machine.
If you feel very lazy you could just tie the ribbons to the elastic or glue them on with fabric glue. 
Options and variations are endless!

Oh and I have learnt to sew on the machine like this one... 

My Gran taught me when I was about 5... I could barely reach of the foot pedal. 
Also that is why cancer sucks, for taking her away from us too early.

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