Sunday, 12 May 2013


Well as you know I have never been there... Now I have... I'm still amazed at the size of it. Yes, I know it is the second largest city in UK but I kind of didn't think of it in these terms... It's massive!

Shopping center bull ring where new "office" is located is beautiful and so big. While hubby was doing some work meeting I have my gym playlist blasting throw my headphones wondering around and planning what to buy. Yeah, I am that sad! 

And people everywhere... and I do not know any of them, unlike in Bath. You always will meet some one you work with!!

It was super windy and wet when we were there few days ago. But I felt like this place would be great for us. 

I have not seen much of our new home, but just the area we have been to is so impressive. 
Very excited to explore this city!

We also found the house. The area very similar to one we used to live in Cardiff. Only 20mins away on the bus from the city center, not far from Pure Gym and Cineworld. ... Could not be happier! Just need to deal with the move now... Grrr!!

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