Monday, 20 May 2013

Fat stop it! You are so dead!!

I go to the gym and run outdoor (last one occasionally), I eat almost healthy... well I do love cheese any cheese, stinkier the better and I love wine... Maybe that is why I am still very soft around my middle... 
This is so frustrating... 

So I am considering the diet... I do not know how to diet, or like the idea of it... Maybe I shall just cut out cheese and wine. SAD!! So sad right now.

also one of the reason I am actually terrified of having babies. So I would put on all the weight but will not be able to shift it... I m not 23 you know! (do not tell anyone....) 

Maybe cave man aka paleo.... I don't know. Any advice.... 

Oh and I'm off to the gym!

Grumpy face!! Fat, why do you ruin my wee body?! How dare you! 

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