Thursday, 18 October 2012

We actually got to spend some time together...

Well we were supposed to have this week together but at the very last moment hubby's second week holiday been cancelled....
But we went to eat some lovely Japanese food in Ichiban... by the way it is one amazing Japanese restaurant on Cowbridge Road in Cardiff! 
I had some dead cold delicious fish and we shared some sake... Mad! It was a lovely evening! Well and it was raining loads!!

We had that awesome Sunday lunch together, then we saw Felix do that jump!

Then we went to see super tall and funny man Greg Davies. Back of his mum's head was very funny, unless you are a bonsai tree (go see it, he is funny!!)! 

I can say that he is my favorite comedian at the moment! 
And all I want is the picture next to him... Him being all tall and me being... well super short!!
It would be so funny!
My friend Andrew actually met the guy and says he is super nice.

We also tried to shop for a suit... luckily he went with other boys from work to hire some instead. And I'm so please I was not involved!
Today hubby got some amazing cheese and bread for us... Oh cheese.... oh!!
Yeah it's actually night and I'm still snaking on cheese. Bad! But hey I went for a run today.... 
And we cooked! Will be sharing this tomorrow! 

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