Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Let's make dinner

And whatever hubby says there is always food in the fridge. Just have to make it!

First I made a green soup few days back... Took some lovely broccoli  with some strange triangle like veg (also like broccoli) that I got in my weekly veg delivery form lovely people at Riverford! Great service by the way! 
So I took an onion (also from my veg delivery), some garlic and sweated them together in our shiny pot, seasoned them too. Peeled and chopped a medium size potato and kept on stirring these guys in the pot, then added the green things:) Add the stock in. I simply used the chicken stock cube, simmer all these veggies till tatoes are soft. To make it extra nice I have blended it in our blender... oh it was not a margarita but still delicious! 

I did not add any cream, butter or Stilton...it would have been nice, I am staying good... more or less:) 
However hubby did bring some nice artisan bread with sun-dried tomatoes and olives... dunked into the green soup was extra special! 

Then I also made a fake-away form my new favorite cook-book The Hairy Dieters by Dave Myeres and Si King (The lovable hairy bikers!)... Chicken korma!
I have never made a curry from scratch, it was quiet and experience.  

Also after trying to blend the sauce in the blender... well actually trying to get it out I have decided to spend some money on the hand blender. Easier to clean too! 
Would you like me to share the recipe??

And earlier today I had seafood pasta in cream with leeks... 
One has to clean up the fridge sometimes. I have some leeks and some cooked seafood... so the pasta dish was born!
I took a bit of my giant organic leek (again form my super veg delivery), copped it nicely. I also copped up 2 cloves of garlic (OH I LOVE GARLIC!). Sweated these chappies together chucked in the seafood to warm up and added a dash of double cream. 
It all went very nice with wholegrain spaghetti and some freshly grounded pepper... 

Dinner today was fixed by hubby... 

Need I say more? The trouble was that these particular oysters were enormous!! And was very tricky to eat, but I have managed!
Big happy face! 

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