Sunday, 7 October 2012

So inspired... Survival of the fittest

Well my next race is not until November... it will be the amazing dash in the tash!:) Note to self get the tash, or come up with awesome drawing of some! I'm very excited! Especially since hubby is doing it too... fingers crossed he will get the running bug..

But today I went to see what Survival of the Fittest is all about... 
Also had a look at men's health link

On the way to the bay I came across this sing... well damn right runners! It was over 3000 people doing it today! How amazing!

The Bay looked super busy! People everywhere, music, runners.... it was like a sea of orange. The official Tees are orange. 
So I found the finish line with the Wall of Fame 

This is almost the final obstacle. The last one is the wet one:) with photographers on the other end. The relive  on runners (or shall I say survivors) faces is unreal. Don't think some of them believed they would make it this far.
I saw a man dancing on the wall, man doing Mo Farah's "M" and then laying down to do some show off crunchies!
I saw people helping each other on to the wall and from it.
Also 3 men who run in speedos only... that must be a sight so see, 3 almost naked men running throw town... 
5 or maybe 6 dudes dressed in Sambreros with fake tashes doing a bow together... 
I also saw some injuries, bruises and bloody knees... 
Nora, who I came to see also look relived to finish but also oh so happy

Also I spotted some awesome tattoos and some men candy! despite all the mud....

It turns out that to climb the wall... well there are no ropes... so just do it with your will power. 
I guess I will be needing a boost from some of the runners when I will be doing it next year. 
Should I start training now?? 

Got to say that guys and girls who did this event today are truly survivors... What an amazing achievement! Well done!!

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